Can you believe that there’s a new weight loss tool/gadget with magnets and bolts that can be fitted into your teeth (imagine a torture device from ancient times), that would prevent your mouth from opening any further than 2 mm!! This device would basically ensure that you are not having any solid food through the day and would have to survive on liquids as long as the fixation is clipped on to your teeth. At least for some people who are tired of doing yo-yo dieting, can’t think of sweating it out in the gym, or don’t want to give up heavily processed food – this weight loss tool might sound as a viable option, worth a shot! With people willing to spend money and endure the discomfort that comes with this tool to slim down, we have to tell you that there are better, non-tortuous, and more sustainable ways to lose weight. However, some people might not be gung-ho about losing weight through proper dieting and exercise routien because they had tried it for quite some time, but for some reason got off the weight loss wagon, without seeing much results. Most commonly, indulging in a single unhealthy meal can derail the entire journey. A majority of people confess that for them, cheat meal turns into a cheat day, then into a cheat weekend, then a month, and before they realize, they have gotten off the weight loss wagon. Getting back on the weight loss journey may seem much harder now, especially when you had initially started it with much gusto and enthusiasm. With all motivation now gone, will power fizzled out, and you resuming old eating habits coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, the confidence that you can do it all over has been snuffed out prematurely; but not yet, because we would tell you how to clear the roadblocks that got you off the weight loss wagon and how to successfully lose all excess weight.

How To Get Back on Track After Falling Off the Weight Loss Wagon

1. You Need a Diet That is Not Restrictive and Workout Routine That Does Not Feel Like a Punishment: The word “dieting” is associated with restrictive eating/starving, but that need not be the case. Eating healthy food in appropriate quantity can slim you down, without having to starve or stay off food completely – most people lose interest halfway through diet programs because they are probably on a fad diet that’s based on food deprivation, asking you to eat as little food as possible. However, such kind of diets are neither healthy nor sustainable, and you would lose the motivation in just a few days. On the other hand, Rati Beauty diet, on the Rati Beauty app are totally sustainable and encourage you to eat all kinds of food – vegetables, fruits, whole grains, daily food, and even healthy fats. If you have been following Rati Beauty diet programs, you would have realized how amazing your diet food tastes and what’s more, you are losing weight following them! And you would never lose the motivation to get off of it. In fact, Rati Beauty diet encourages you to eat right and not less, and promotes healthy eating as a lifestyle change, not a short-term project. The meal plans are exciting, filling, healthy, and easy to make, it does not feel like dieting at all. Download the Rati Beauty app for more details.
2. Set Short-Term Goals: We do have an idea of how much kilos we want to shed, but don’t expect to lose all over a few days or weeks. Break it up into short-term goals because they can be achieved relatively easily and within a short period of time. Start by making smaller and achievable goals, like reducing 1 or 2 kgs per week, because that would take the pressure off, and will not leave you overwhelmed or disappointed. When you achieve short-term goals, it will give you the motivation and positive energy to move towards the next goal, and you would eventually reach your long-term goal (which could be losing either 15 kg or 25 kg).
3. Start Over By Making Tiny Changes: Rather than making drastic changes or turning back 360 degrees, take tiny steps backwards. Cut down the frequency of eating out or ordering food from outside, eat more home-cooked food, avoid processed and ultra-processed food while grocery shopping, practice portion control aka measure food with each meal, and also most importantly, cut down on sugar intake, etc. These changes add up a great deal and bring about big changes.
4. Maintain a Food Diary: Keeping a journal of what goes into your plate can help you track and cut out extra calories from your daily diet. Cutting out calorie-rich food items will help create a calorie deficit which would eventually help you lose weight. In the journal, also jot down how many times you are indulging in nibbles and snacks, and cut down the frequency of snacking as well to lose weight.
5. Eliminate Triggers: Stress, emotional eating, boredom can increase appetite and lead to overeating. If you eat food to fight boredom or stress, it’s high time one finds other ways to de-stress, like walking, listening to music, exercising, or pursuing a hobby, basically any activity that can take your mind off stress/boredom.
6. Drink Enough Water: Drinking lots of H2O helps to alleviate hunger signals. In fact, don’t stop at 8 glasses of water – keep your body hydrated at all times to reduce water retention, keep appetite in check, and to boost metabolism as well.
7. Find Interesting Ways To Exercise: You can definitely not outrun a bad diet, but since weight loss is all about 80% diet and 20% exercise, to boost weight loss efforts, regular physical activity is a must. However, if sweating it out in the gym or any other exercise routine seems like a painful chore, especially when there’s lack of motivation, we want to tell you that there are practical ways to make exercise a daily habit and a pleasurable activity that you would look forward to daily. Read about “16 Practical Ways to Make Exercise a Daily Habit to Shed Extra Weight.”
8. Gain Back Motivation To Lose Weight: Finding motivation to lose weight at the beginning of weight loss journey is relatively easy, it could be your birthday next month or your best friend’s marriage in a few weeks, or someone body shamed you, but once you are off the weight loss wagon, it takes a bit of an effort to gain back motivation that fizzled out completely. Fret not, read about “7 Ways To Keep Yourself Motivated To Lose Weight” in this post.

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