So, you took a gym membership at the beginning of the year in the hopes of melting away excess fat because “losing weight’ was on top of your New Year’s resolution list, but then you have rarely stepped into the gym, so  obviously, the extra pounds are still there. With the new wisdom that has dawned upon you that gym is not your cup of tea and not the place to slim down, the other option available is dieting. Now, you scour through Google and various social media channels in order to find a diet that would help cut down the excess flab – you have tried them all and none of them have fetched results. Just because some celeb recommended juice diet hasn’t worked for you, doesn’t mean you should give up on the dieting to lose weight, in fact, it’s the most viable option to lose weight, and on the right kind of diet, losing weight is effortless. But when you are not sure why your diet isn’t working despite sincere efforts, there might be hidden reasons which are easily overlooked by most people. Without a proper diet in place, weight loss can be a hard target to achieve because it’s possible to lose weight without exercising but the same cannot be said when the diet part is not taken care of. So, with the acknowledgement of dieting as an effective way to lose weight, let’s weed out the hidden reasons your diet isnt working the way you want.

Hidden Reasons Your Diet Isnt Working

1. You are Nibbling and Munching on Tiny Treats Through The Day: Though the diet has outlined the entire meal plan and the timings as well, you take the liberty to munch on goodies through the day, not realizing the calories in these treats add up at the end of the day and nudge you out of calorie deficit. Also, every single time you eat something with sugar or refined carbs, the blood sugar shoots up, insulin level spikes up in response, and all the excess blood sugar is then directed to be stored as fat. Additionally, this spike and crash of blood sugar will make you hungry all over again. For your diet to work, stick to the meal and snack timings to the T.

2. You are On a Diet That’s Not Sustainable, Can’t Follow Forever: Juice diet, cabbage soup diet, detox diets are all examples of plans that would not work in the long term, and they have serious side effects, including weight gain once you come off the diet. A weight loss diet should not deprive you of food, in fact should encourage you to eat adequate calories. The issue with following fad diets is that you would get off the diet sooner than you think because surviving on cabbage soup is not sustainable at all. On the other hand, Rati Beauty Diet, is an effective, sustainable weight loss diet that encourages you to eat all kinds of food – vegetables, fruits, whole grains, basically normal food (even healthy fats). If you have been following Rati Beauty diet, you would have realized how amazing your diet food tastes and what’s more, you are losing weight following them! Amazing, right!?

3. Only Dieting, Sedentary Lifestyle: Yes, we did say it’s possible to lose weight with dieting alone, but experts say giving 80% weightage to diet and 20% to exercise will bring about faster results. Following the weight loss diet strictly, but living a completely sedentary lifestyle can affect metabolism and the fat-burning process. An important fat-burning enzyme “lipoprotein lipase” which is responsible in breaking down fat and sugar tends to go into a “sleep mode” with just 60 to 90 minutes of inactivity. Which essentially means even if you are exercising for one hour every day, but spend rest of the day sitting, it’s not going to benefit weight loss much. Try to be as active as possible through the day, and take mini breaks from the work desk or couch every 30 minutes.

4. Not Sleeping For 7 To 9 Hours Daily: With inadequate sleep, losing weight becomes a never-ending struggle, even by following strict dieting and exercise routine. A lot of things in the body go out of whack with sleep deprivation – increased stress hormone, high amount of hunger hormone ghrelin, increased appetite are just a few things that would not work in your favour. Lack of sleep will make sure you wake up with a ravenous appetite and have intense cravings for unhealthy food the next day. In fact, studies have shown that people who are chronically sleep deprived tend to suffer from obesity and related health risks such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

5. You Have Taken the Liberty To Include Fat-Free Products into the Diet: It’s a popular but wrong notion that “fats” are bad for weight loss and everything with “fat free” mentioned is actually good for shedding weight! It’s probably one of the biggest lies you have been told about weight loss – get rid of all fat from daily diet and pick everything low fat and fat free! When the fat content is ripped from “low fat and fat free” food, companies add loads of sugar, refined carbs, salt, emulsifiers, and thickeners to appeal to the tastebuds of customers, which adds loads of calories to the body. Such a tendency defeats the whole purpose where one is actually going “low fat” to lose weight. Also read: “15 Things you Should Absolutely Never Do on a Weight Loss Diet.”

6. Lots of Stress That you Cannot Handle: Chronic stress slows down metabolism, increases cravings for sugary foods, triggers emotional eating and overeating, and encourages storage of excess fat around the belly area. With chronic stress, losing weight becomes an uphill task, and that’s why, along with dieting, you need to find ways to break the cycle of stress – by exercising, eat healthy, spend time with family and friends, listen to music, or pursue a hobby.

7. Last But Not The Least, you are Probably Impatient: Just as you didn’t gain weight overnight, you would not lose all excess fat in a single day or in a week.  Give your weight loss diet enough time to work, follow all the instructions religiously, and be patient and you can see the fat melt off.

Finally, now you know why you weren’t able to lose weight with dieting, but now you can, with all of these  reasons out of the way!

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