The struggle to lose weight is real and for some an extremely slow and long-drawn process. But the battle against the bulge can be accelerated through natural ways, without relying on gimmicky fat burners, pills or potions. Though weight loss cannot be achieved overnight; just the way that you didn’t gain those extra pounds overnight, shedding it off does take a bit of time, but as we have mentioned above, it can be done pretty much at a faster pacer in the most natural way, by following certain tricks and weight loss tips. The whole idea is to cajole the body to burn more fat in a day and put a full stop to the fat-storage process. While many fad diets promote concept of food deprivation or crash dieting for faster results, it would not lead to long term results because eventually cravings and slow metabolism will bring back all the lost weight, and it would be harder to lose those extra pounds the next time around with an ebbed-out metabolism. It’s not prudent or practical to stay off from food and deprive the body of nutrients through most part of the day to slim down, nor is it healthy or a sustainable option. So, what else can you do? Check out some amazing weight loss tips to see results sooner and without compromising on health or nutrition.

Weight Loss Tips To See Results Sooner

Here are weight loss tips and tricks to follow

1. Get Started on a Good Weight Loss Diet to Get into Calorie Deficit: As we have mentioned earlier, there’s no need to starve to get lean – eating the right kind of nutrient-dense food can do the trick as well. Rati Beauty diet plan is such a diet that promotes healthy and clean eating and helps shed extra fat layers and lose those hard-to-burn pesky pounds.

2. Get Moving: Just like being on a diet is important, engaging in physical activity and being active through the day burns a significant amount of calories. Hitting the gym is a good idea, but for those who can’t, staying active also helps. In fact, doing even these “12 Household Chores” would burn a lot of calories.

3. Avoid Refined Food, Including White Bread: Starting the day off with bread and jam as breakfast is a really bad idea. The huge amount of calories from white bread and sugar would make it difficult to lose weight. In fact, calories from refined food seem to help expand the waistline really fast! Swap refined carbs with complex carbs, and make it a point to have healthy breakfast items like idli, dosa, poha, overnight rolled oats, and other options mentioned on the Rati Beauty app.

4. Practice Water Preloading: : Water preloading is a healthy and almost effortless way to aid weight loss. In this strategy, experts recommend to consume 500 ml of plain water half an hour before each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Such a quantity of water before the meal will significantly stretch your tummy and as a result, there would be lesser release of the hunger hormone “ghrelin.” This means you would feel full with less food and fewer calorie intake. It is an effective strategy to tackle overeating. It’s a fact that most of us do not consume enough water through the day, and most of the times, we are just thirsty and not really hungry. Frequent hunger pangs are most probably caused due to dehydration and if you can provide your body with more H2O, you can lose weight rather effectively. However, if a person suffers from heart or kidney ailment, water preloading should not be practiced without the approval of the doctor because it lead to fluid retention and shortness of breath in such individuals.

5. Don’t Deprive yourself of your Favorite Food: Whether it’s pizza or French fries, you can have them – that’s what cheat meals are for! A good weight loss diet would encourage you to indulge in a cheat meal once a week, so does the Rati Beauty weight loss diet, because cravings are completely natural and it’s okay to indulge in high-calorie food once in a while because it resets a sluggish metabolism and also helps to stick to the diet better.

6. Eat Indulgent Food Like Desserts and Sweets Slowly: It’s a secret of international supermodels – do relish each bite when you are eating desserts and sweets, and take your own sweet time, putting your fork and spoon down after each bite. You might be surprised to notice that by the third bite, you would actually feel full, not wanting to eat more, and may even push the dessert plate away.

7. Fill Half of your Plate with Vegetables: Here’s a trick that each one of us could try – fill half of your plate with veggies – you would feel full with low number of calories, and maximum number of nutrients.

8. Watch your Sugar From All Sources: You may not realize but even ketchup has significant amount of sugar added, even teriyaki sauce has the same ingredient that you thought you had totally given up when you decided to lose weight and stopped adding white granulated sugar to chai and coffee. Always make sure to read the ingredients list to totally cut out added sugar from the diet.

9. Brush your Teeth with a Minty Toothpaste To Avoid Night-Time Grazing: We all feel hungry while watching television or binge watching Netflix. Research says brushing the teeth with a minty-fresh flavor would make sure you are less likely to reach out for late-night snacks and treats.

10. Sleep for at Least 7 Hours Each Night: Sleep deprivation, that is sleeping for less than 7 hours, has been found to trigger cravings for unhealthy food and increase the levels of hunger hormone “ghrelin” the next day. If you have been waking up extremely hunger or “hangry” (hunger + anger), blame it on sleep deprivation. Make a conscious effort to sleep for 7 hours or longer to get up with a normal appetite and a flat belly too.

11. Start Loving Cardio Workouts: Not many people like doing cardio, the sweaty sessions are what we all dread! But cardio helps you stay fit and burn fat quickly. Cardio exercises raise your heart rate and make you breath heavily, along with improving metabolism, and burns fat at a faster pace. The best part is that you need not to do cardio every single day, just three days in a week is enough. In fact, here’s a list of “8 Cardio Exercises to Do at Home for Weight Loss.”

12. Reduce Stress Levels: Last but not the least, just like sleep deprivation, there’s another factor which can lead to weight gain, especially belly fat, and make it extremely difficult to reach out for stored fat – it’s chronic stress! Anxiety, stress can trigger overeating, binge eating, and emotional eating, all of which can lead to weight gain. Do find ways to de-stress, go for a walk when you feel stressed out, or indulge in an activity to take your mind off, listen to music, practice yoga, or just to a friend when your nerves turn jittery.

With these tips, you would be able to hit your goal weight much more easily and quickly.

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