French people are well known for their flat bellies and lean structure and an average person from Japan is considered “skinny.” It’s really surprising how some countries larger population falls into  the “lean,” and “healthy,” categories whereas some highly developed nations have a majority of people in the “morbidly obese” bracket. And these extreme variations can be largely blamed on that particular country’s eating habits and diet; sedentary lifestyle comes a close second! When country-wise survey on obesity was conducted – countries like USA, New Zealand, Mexico, UK, Canada, and Ireland topped the list whereas Japan, Korea, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Sweden had people who came under the “normal weight” category. Now, why do we need to consider “obesity” a major health concern that needs immediate address? Obesity has emerged as a trigger to a multitude of preventable and life-threatening diseases like type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even cancer. Some countries like Malaysia have acknowledged the risks associated with obesity and have come up with diets such as Suku Suku Separuh or the Malaysia Healthy Plate Diet that advocates healthy and balanced eating. Coming back to the main topic, there certainly are some countries where “too many people are overweight and then some other countries where a lot of people are thin.” So, what differently are these countries with good health indicators doing differently? We have researched and listed down Ingenious Weight Loss Tips From Across The World, and all these tips are easy to imbibe and follow. Read on:

Ingenious Weight Loss Tips From Around the World

1. Japan: This is a country with the highest number of “skinny” people. People here eat a lot of fresh veggies, fruits, and do not indulge in ultra-processed food. Apart from the diet, there’s an ancient Japanese eating tradition called “Hara Hachi Bu” that can boost your weight loss and improve overall health as well. “Hara Hachi Bu” is an eating technique that originated from Okinawa region of Japan where people live an exceptionally long life, are not obese, and rarely suffer from any metabolic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke or cardiovascular issues. “Hara Hachi Bu,” literally translates to “eat until you are 80% full.” This practice promotes putting a stop to eating once a person reaches 80% satiety. It’s a part of mindful eating where one is alert about cues from the body when the satiety point has been reached. It’s a fact that your brain takes about 20 minutes to register how much your body has eaten, and when you stop at 80% full, it would mean you are actually full, and stopping at 100% full, would mean you have overeaten! Complicated, right?! So, don’t worry, in this post, we have elaborated on different ways to eat until 80% full to lose weight and set right the hunger/satiety mechanism which gets impaired due to overeating.
2. Malayasia: We have already talked about the diet advocated by Malaysian Healthy Ministry in 2016, to encourage healthy eating – it’s called “Suku Suku Separuh.” This diet encourages people to eat half a plate of veggies and fruits, a quarter plate of protein and another quarter of complex carbs. carbohydrates.
3. Greece, Spain, Southern France, and Certain Arab Countries: Yes, we are talking about the Mediterranean diet which is hailed as one of the most nutritious eating patterns by health experts with great emphasis on green veggies, fruits, beans, protein, wine, healthy fats, and of course olive oil. Spain which had been declared as the “world’s healthiest nation” in the Bloomberg Healthiest Country survey of 2019, follows the Mediterranean diet pattern with olive oil, nuts, beans, fresh vegetables, whole grain bread, seeds, tomatoes, hummus and carrots as staples and eliminating added sugar and processed food totally.
4. France: French people prefer fresh and organic food and avoid canned and processed foods. They like to pick vegetables and fruits from local markets, and this practice ensures the nutritional content is high. They tend to pick their breads and pastries from local bakeries and small eateries, and that eliminates the chance of processed goodies with high number of preservatives. Most importantly, they take their time to eat food, never eating their meals in a rush. This practice helps them to feel fuller with small portions of food, and with desserts, they relish each bite and usually by the third bite, most of them tend to push the dessert plate away. Now, here’s how it works – it takes about 20 minutes for the brain to send a proper signal to the tummy that it’s full. If you eat in a rush, then the body is unable to relay the satiety signal, and you would continue to eat beyond what your body actually needs, leading to overeating. Therefore, take pauses between each bite, chew food properly, and you would be surprised that you can feel with relatively little amount of food.

5. Hungary: People from Hungary tend to pickle every vegetable that they can find! From cucumbers to cabbage, tomatoes and even radish, they have veg pickles as part of their staple diet. Now, pickles like these have vinegar and high amount of probiotics that can help you lose weight. The acetic acid content keeps blood sugar at normal level and prevents fat from getting stored into adipose cells.

6. Singapore: Just like Malaysia, Singapore health ministry also encourages healthy and balanced eating amongst its population, advocating the benefits of eating half a plate of fruit and vegetables, a quarter of protein source, and a quarter of complex and whole grain carbs. Also read: “19 Things Slim People Eat Every Day.”

7. Italy: There’s more to country than pastas and pastas! Italians also indulge in salads and include lots of  leafy greens, olives, tomatoes, onions, and parmesan cheese – all of which have been found to boost weight loss.

8. Germany: Berlin has decided to go vegan with a lot of people picking veggies and fruits over meat-based products. But here’s what works for the German people – Sauerkraut is one of the staple food which experts have found to have weight loss boosting properties. It’s an easy-to-make food, done by fermenting cabbage, which has loads of probiotics, with high fiber, vitamin C and K content, and has extremely low calories. Fermented products like sauerkraut are great for gut and boost immunity as well, and you can flatten up that belly too. Apart from sauerkraut, Germans have also switched to shirataki noodles, rye bread instead of white read, and have taken a liking to soy bratwurst. Radish, red lentil soup, asparagus are other staples in their diet.

9. Russia: The peasants of Russia who were lean and extremely fit, ate Kvas, a fermented bread-based drink. Cabbage, turnips, sorrel, mushrooms are some low-calorie veggies that Russians like. Talking about Russian emperors and czars from ancient times, they ate protein-rich meals with fresh vegetables and fruits on the side.

10. Thailand: Strict portion control, whether at home or in restaurants, is what keeps people of Thailand lean. People eat bite-sized portions on their plate while dining outside, and usually do so in groups where they can share food. Also, we know how Thai cuisine is all about flavour and “spice,” with thermogenic properties that helps with the fat-burning process.

11. China: Portion control seems to be an essential aspect here, whether they are eating noodles, rice or soup. Most of the times, they steam their veggies and eat a lot of protein. Also, apart from green tea, they like to sip on pu-erh tea which aids in digestion and tends to fasten up the movement of fat without giving it time to get absorbed.

12. India: Everything about Indian cuisine is wonderful and from North to South, from East to West, our country has a rich food heritage and healthy eating habits. Indians believe in eating healthy and nutrient-rich food. In fact, Rati Beauty diet is a weight loss diet that is nutrient dense, makes use of healthy food, and has yummy and delicious meal plans that you wouldn’t mind going on the diet and stay on it forever. This diet is easy to follow and you can lose weight as well as inches by going on it.

Summing up, the right eating practices, healthy food, better lifestyle habits, and a good exercise routine will help you reach your goal weight in an effortless manner no matter which country you live in. 😛

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